Do's and Don'ts

The loss of book should be reported to the librarian immediately and the borrower should replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or pay double cost of the book after getting permission from the library.

In case replacement of book is not possible, one has to pay twice the cost of the book along with admissible overdue charges.

Replacement cost of the book is to be remitted in the account section of the college after obtaining the challan from the librarian.

Overdue charges are to be remitted in the library.

The mobile phones should not be used inside the library.

The lights and fans should be switched off when not required or while leaving the library.

The library facilities should not be misused. Misuse of library facilities is an offence and calls for punishment.

Users are required to keep the library and the campus neat, clean and tidy.

Get the assistance from the library staff without any hesitation.