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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is one of the emerging areas out of 10 special categories identified by AICTE and MHRD which can meet the upcoming requirements of the Industrial Revolution.

Established in the year 2020, the department of AI and DS is the youngest department that has been set up with a goal of training students and conducting research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science with an intake of 60 capacity. The department consists of highly qualified faculty with doctoral degrees from the reputed institutes of Tamilnadu. We have 10 different laboratories like Programming for Problem Solving, IT Work Shop, DMDW, CN&OS, OOPs., Python Programming, R-Programming, Multi-Media Application Development, Android Application Development, Computer Networking, Linux Programming, Web Development and Microprocessor Labs which are well equipped and highly configured computer systems.

There is good demand in global market for AI & DS professionals as a Programmer, Software Engineer, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Web Developer, Cloud Administrator, Test Engineer, Machine Learning Developer, Mobile App. Developer, IOT Engineer, Data Base Administrator, Data Scientists etc.

Because of increasing demand for AI & DS professionals, now AI & DS has become the most preferred career option all over the world. Considering the wide scope of the AI & DS sector, AIHToffers a B.Tech course in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science with the aim of imparting the latest technologies and to inspire the innovative abilities of its students.

Student’s chapters of professional societies like TAM, CSI, & ISTE, which aim at tapping the inner abilities and showcase their talents. Various social services through NSS, CLUBS, and ISR for holistic development of our students.

We encourage student to improve Self-Learning skills, by providing round the clock on-line Resources from various sources like NPTEL, MOOCS, SWAYAM, OPAC, IEEE, SPRINGER, J-GATE etc., Students will be benefited to update their skills and they become a Global leader with latest technologies.

The department has collaboration with various industries offering credit courses, conducting workshops & faculty development programs, offering internships, projects and placements etc. Students are sent on industrial visits to companies and they also undergo in-plant training at top level industries as well.

Students are eligible to obtain successful placements at leading companies like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Tech Mahendra etc.

What is AI & DS?

Living in the age of information, technological advancements like Graphical Processing Units, Sensors, and Cloud storage have enabled us to capture information efficiently, process quickly and store it in large amounts. These advancements enhanced the applications of Machine learning and Neural Networks to a wide number of fields like Speech Technology, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics etc. The advancements in all these domains together created a transition from information systems into intelligent systems.

Data/information is a crucial aspect in AI systems, but the applications of data science is not confined to AI systems alone. It is widely used in Business analytics, Sports, and Health care sector. Since Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are interdisciplinary sciences, we at KLU have set up an exclusive department for AI & DS in pursuit of research, training and promotion of academic excellence in students.


Envision to have Global recognition through innovation and research excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


Our Mission is to provide highest quality of teaching, research, learning opportunities with well researched and carefully crafted curriculum.


The success of Future Professionals in
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Research Careers
depends heavily on Mastering Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Emerging Technologies of tomorrow.