Department Library:

    “Knowledge is free at library, just bring your container”

The department has a departmental library consisting of nearly 400 books covering a wide range of subjects according to prescribed syllabus given by university and also reference books for each subjects. The library also maintains the entire previous student’s project reports both hard copy and soft copy which can be used by final year students as reference for their projects. Also keeps record of previous year’s university question papers. Students can lend library books and use it for the whole semester. Faculty can also make use of library books to gain better knowledge about the subject and efficient teaching.

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A/C Seminar Hall:

The Department has a fully equipped air conditioned Seminar Hall with seating capacity to hold 60 students. Guest lectures and seminars are conducted regularly. Video lectures using nptel, SDP are also conducted in the hall. Faculty can use seminar hall for explaining concepts using PowerPoint presentations. Technical events like national/International Conference are organized. Department meetings are also initiated in seminar halls.

Medical Room:

Department has a medical room which provides facilities for injured or fallen ill on the premises can be taken for first aid.

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