Anand School of Architecture

Academic Excellence Name of the Symposium/Conducting college Event name Date of the event Name of the students Recognition/ Awards if any
01. National Design Competition-2015 conducted by CADD Training Services Pvt Ltd National Design Competition-2015 Feb-March 2015 J.Gayathri (B.Arch – III Year ) position 1 (Building Design) of National Design Competition - 2015
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02. ZONAL NASA (National Association of  Students of Architecture) Sathyabama University Chennai. ‘APOLOGUE’ Aug 14-16, 2013 II- year B.Arch. participation
02. SYMPOSIUM Hindustan University, Chennai. ‘CHIARO- SCURO’ Oct 3rd 2013

Design 1.A team  of 3(SATHISH.R, KAUSHIKA.P, NIVEDITA.V)

Poster-making 2.A team of 2 ( VIVEK NIJANTHAN.P,  JONATHAN MATHEW)

1.Design Trophy (Runner-up)     2. First prize.